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How to Persuade Angel Investors that You Should Receive Investme

Preparing to meet with investors to request investor growth capital can be an intimidating experience for the young person or the person who has never started a business. One may go through a series of self-doubts in the process of constructing a presentation for requesting investor growth capital. Even though a person may feel these self-doubts racing through his or her mind, the process of obtaining investor growth capital does not have to be difficult. A few simple steps can prepare any person for success. Here are the top 3 tips a person should consider in preparing a presentation for requesting capital from an investor.

1. Use Statistics

If possible, one should try to use a trend line or other statistics to show the growth of one's company over the years. This will act as solid proof in persuading an investor that one's business has potential. One can have research studies done by local students in grad school programs or through companies that specialize in providing research for new business owners. Also, one should have a board created to display the results of a research study for the presentation.

2. Dress Professionally

On the day of a presentation, one should dress for the job he or she wants. One should dress as a high-powered CEO and act with confidence. Wearing a suit is recommended for men and women. Also, men and women should try to choose dark or neutral colors in choosing a suit for a presentation. The focus should be on the presentation and not on the wardrobe choices of the person making the presentation. Also, women should dress in a modest fashion and refrain from wearing too much make-up or jewelry on the day of a presentation.

3. Speak with Persuasion

When speaking in front of investors, one may have a tendency to fail to make eye contact or slouch. One may also have a tendency to mumble words. These are all signs that one lacks confidence and should be avoided. Instead, one should speak with proper posture and have poise in speaking to investors. One should also convey his or her passion for the new business. Doing these things will increase a person's chances of success in obtaining capital from a group of investors.

By following these tips, a group of investors will regard a person in a serious fashion. A group of investors will see that a person has truly intends for a business to be successful and will likely provide financing for a project.

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5 Tips for Speaking with Growth Capital Partners

Whether one is speaking with growth capital partners at a presentation or in a casual networking setting, one should be conscious of his or her behavior. Being professional at all times is required in speaking with growth capital partners because they may decide to finance one's project at anytime. Even when one is talking over a beer at the local pub, a growth capital partner may decide to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in one's project. Here are the top 5 tips that business people should remember when speaking with heavy hitters in the investment world.

1. Focus on the Positive

No matter what, one should always keep a conversation on positive topics. One should never speak poorly about other people in the business world, even if a partner is speaking poorly of a person. A person can try to redirect a conversation from negative topics to positive ones by focusing on the partner's own accomplishments in his or her life.

2. Show Interest

When talking with a partner, one should show interest in the other person's business. Having a natural curiosity for learning is one of the traits in successful business people. A business person should use a conversation as a way to establish himself or herself as a serious competitor in the business world.

3. Show Passion

Showing passion for one's own business idea is essential during a conversation. However, a person should also show passion for other areas of life. Successful business people have more than one passion, and their key to success is that they know how to manage these different passions. They have struck the balance in life. One should be forward in showing his or her passion for learning or a passion for a particular hobby. This will only make a person's business idea come to life that much more for the partner.

4. Make Eye Contact

When talking with partners, making eye contact is essential for establishing one's identity and confidence. Making eye contact shows that a person wants to be regarded in a serious manner. This is one of the best ways that a person can win over a group of partners.

5. Discuss Specifics

One should try to discuss the specific ways that his or her business idea will be profitable. Being able to show business people that an idea has a proven track record of success in other markets is always a good idea.

These are the top 5 tips that any person should consider in attempting to persuade investors for additional capital.

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Obtaining Growth Capital

When a small business is ready to expand, sometimes the most difficult part of the process is coming up with money. It takes money to be able to grow a business, and money can be hard to come by. While some businesses may struggle to come up with the money that they need, there are a lot of different ways to come up with growth capital. One of the best ways to get growth capital is to work with a private investor or investment firm. If a company is interested in getting venture capital from this type of business, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Create a Winning Business Plan

When a business is interested in obtaining growth capital from an outside investor, coming up with a winning business plan is essential. An investor is going to want to look at a business plan that has information about the target market, the competition, the products of the company, and financial projections. The business plan should be realistic, and leave a little bit of room for problems to arise. If the business plan is realistic, the company will have a much better chance of getting approved for the money that it needs from an investor.

Get the Business Ready in Advance

It is also important for a business to be ready for the capital that it needs from an investor. If a business owner does not get his business in shape before seeking out funding, he may have a hard time getting any of the money that he needs. Venture capital investors like to invest in companies that are ready to explode. They don't want to have to go through the process of laying the groundwork that could take time to complete. If a business is closer to being ready to expand, it has a better chance of getting venture capital funding from an investor.


Businesses that want to be able to secure venture capital should do everything that they can to network within their industries. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a venture capitalist who is interested in investing in a business. By doing a little bit of networking, a business owner can get to know people who have money to invest. At that point, it's all about developing a relationship with those people, and getting them to see the potential in the new business venture.

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